‘A compellingly told modern fable’ Katya Balen

Shortlisted Oxfordshire Book Award
Shortlisted Cheshire Schools’ Book Award
Shortlisted Berkshire Book Award
Shortlisted Badger Book Award
Selected as a BookTrust ‘Future Classic’

Imagine a world where your only friends are virtual and big tech companies control access to food, healthcare and leisure. This is Jess’s world.

But when she turns 14, Jess can go to school with other children for the first time. Most of them hate the ‘real’ world, but Jess begins to question whether the digital world is so ‘perfect’ after all.

Back home, her sister Chloe’s life-saving medication is getting ever more expensive. Determined to help, Jess risks everything by using skills forbidden in the cyber-world, only to stumble on something that will turn her whole world upside down.

It’s up to Jess to figure out exactly what is real, and what is fake – Chloe’s survival depends on it.

‘Bold, pacy and clever. Ele creates a vivid world that feels like it could be scarily close to our own future. A compellingly told modern fable’ Katya Balen

‘I loved this future world… packed with adventure, heart and human emotions’ Ross Welford

‘A compelling and provocative novel for 10+, asking searching questions about our own online ways of living’ Guardian

‘A sharp, modern story that will linger in the mind long after the last pageiNews

‘Probably one of the best endings ever! …I really cannot wait until I get to read another one of Ele’s books’ Tilly, 11 ( reviewed for Books Up North)

‘Timely and thought provoking’ The Bookseller


‘A marvellously compulsive story’ Michael Morpurgo

Shortlisted North East Book Award
Shortlisted YBB Book Award
Shortlisted InspiREAD22 Book Award
Shortlisted NS Teachers’ Book Award

An urgent story of adventure and survival in a warming climate.

Yutu lives in a remote, Arctic village with his elderly grandmother. Their traditional way of life is threatened by the changing snow and ice, which melts faster every year.

Bea is trying to adapt to yet another new school. Worse still, her father’s new job takes up any spare time, and his behaviour becomes odd and secretive. On a trip she hopes will fix things, their fates take a drastic turn and Bea’s life becomes entwined with Yutu’s in a way she could never have imagined.

‘A marvellously compulsive story. The unbelievable made believable. Now there’s the test of a great story’ Michael Morpurgo

‘A tense, high-stakes survival adventure, underpinned with the urgent issue of climate change. Her earlier novels, BOY 87 and LOST, both come highly recommended’ Bookseller, Editor’s Choice

‘As well as carrying an important message, this is a thrilling action-adventure novel’ Lauren James

‘An engaging eco-conscious thriller’ New Statesman

‘I thoroughly recommend this book and give it full marks!’ National Geographic Kids (Maeve, 11)

‘Fans of Ele Fountain, author of Boy 87 and Lost, will find plenty of white-knuckle drama in Melt’ Daily Telegraph

Boy 87

‘Exceptional… vivid, convincing and empathetic’ Sunday Times

FINAL Boy_87 cover JPEG
Shortlisted Waterstones Book Prize
Nominated Carnegie Medal
Longlisted UKLA Book Award
Shortlisted Northern Ireland BA
Winner Sheffield Book Award
Shortlisted Teach Primary Award
Shortlisted North East Book Award
Winner Southwark Book Award
Winner Sefton Super Reads
Winner Portsmouth Book Award
Shortlisted North Herts School BA
Shortlisted Salford Children’s BA
Shortlisted Warwickshire Secondary BA
Nominated London Redbridge BA


Shif is just an ordinary boy, but one day soldiers come to his door.

Shif knows he is no longer safe. He is forced to embark on a dangerous journey; a journey through imprisonment and escape, new lands and strange voices, and a perilous crossing by land and sea.

Boy 87 is a gripping, uplifting tale of one boy’s struggle for survival; it echoes the story of young people all over the world today.

‘Full of tension, fear, heartbreak and hope’ Guardian

‘Exceptional… vivid, convincing and empathetic… it grips us with the need to know how the heart-stopping events will turn out’ Sunday Times, Children’s Book of the Week

‘A remarkable debutiNews

‘Boy 87 is an original and beautifully written page-turner of a novel about love, survival and the strength that can be found in a hopeful human spiritSarah Crossan, Carnegie Medal winner

‘A very important and timely book written with passion and deep knowledge’ Elizabeth Laird

‘A timely and important book… but this is ultimately a story about the power of kindness and the strength of the human spirit’ BookTrust

‘A fantastic achievement. Fountain transports us into the life of Shif, expertly conveying the horrors that so many child refugees face today by creating wonderful, believable characters and a gripping, fast-paced narrative’ Charlotte McDonald-Gibson, author of Castaway

‘The plight of refugees is made personal by Shif’s powerful first-person narrative, giving voice and heart to the tabloid depiction of the displaced. An assured and thought-provoking debutThe Bookseller

‘Ele Fountain conjures up the terrifying world of the Africa refugee with great skill and empathy’ Paul Dowswell, author of Auslander

‘Fantastically written… a striking book that will stop you in your tracks’ Reading Zone

‘A devastating and powerful story’ Turn2page1


‘An enchanting story’ The Telegraph

Winner Portsmouth Book Award
Shortlisted Spellbinding Book Award
Shortlisted Coventry Inspiration Book Award
Shortlisted Reading Rampage Award
Shortlisted Bolton Children’s Fiction Award

Lola’s life is about to become unrecognisable. So is Lola.

Everything used to be comfortable. Lola lived in a big house with her family, where her biggest problems were arguing with her little brother or being told she couldn’t have a new phone. But as one disaster follows another, the threads of her home and family begin to unravel.

Cut off from everything she has known before, Lola must find a new way to survive. An ordinary girl must become extraordinary. 

‘Fountain writes with verisimilitude and verve. Novels are works of imagination, and this book’s compassion overrides any questions about the “right to write”‘ Observer

This book will arouse compassion for society’s lost, reminding readers how small the difference may be between them and us’ Sunday Times, Children’s Book of the Week

‘This is an enchanting story in which the heartstrings are pulled but the morals never laboured’ The Telegraph

A powerful and timely story’ The Bookseller

‘LOST is a breathless, thrilling adventure, a story to make your heart beat faster. Lola is a wonderful girl, resourceful, brave and loyal, and I desperately wanted her to find her way homeElizabeth Laird

‘This gripping, poignant and timely novel shines a humane light on the deep inequalities of our world as two children search for family, friendship and the safe, loving heart of home’ Sita Brahmachari

‘A gripping tale of a young girl lost in a concrete jungle. It shows how hope, determination and friendship can win through, even in the most challenging environment’ Malcom Duffy

‘Ele Fountain’s vivid page-turner conjures the world of street children with empathy and compassion’ Paul Dowswell

‘A powerful and thought-provoking story about two siblings fighting to survive’ The Week Junior